Resources and How-To

We’ve collected a number of resources to help you plan, plant, and maintain your garden.  

There are a series of fact sheets you can read on-line or download that explore ideas like composting, trenching, mulching and more.  There’s a great article on what you can and shouldn’t put into your compost, as well as links to different composting resources on-line.

If you’ve found items of interest you’d like to share with fellow members, contact to let us know.

One of our gardeners has created a very good article if you’re starting with a grass plot (or if you’ve got one of those plots that just needs a lot of work.)  Tyler spells out the steps you need to take in order to have a productive garden in just one season.  The full document is located here.

Canadian resources:

West Coast Seeds
Vegetable, herb and flower seeds, garden supplies, planting charts for all areas of Canada, resources and more.

The Urban Farmer
Currently based out of Powell River, BC

Canadian Organic Growers
Based in Perth-Waterloo-Wellington areas of Ontario. This site features a number of links to resources, buying clubs and more.

Canadian Gardening Magazine
The on-line version has links to forums, green resources, and more.

Planet Friendly
A resource site based in Ottawa with plenty of good links to tips, magazines and books, organizations and learning centres.

The Organic Gardener’s Pantry
An on-line store based in Victoria selling microorganisms, sea mineral fertilizers, blackstrap molasses and more. Links to resources and websites.

Resources for Bee Friendly Gardening

Other resources:

Mother Earth News. The original guide to living wisely. They have an entire section devoted to organic gardening:

Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening available on Amazon.
This book is largely focused on US climates, it does have some excellent ideas and tips.

Straw Bale Gardening.  Over the past couple years we’ve demonstrated this technique in our Demo Plots.  A number of gardeners have asked for additional resources around this.

The following PDF fact sheets courtesy of the Compost Education Centre, Victoria BC:

1-Backyard Composting


3-Backyard Food Waste Digester

4-Hot Composting


6-Urban Leaves


8-Compost Ecology

Do’s and Don’t of Composting Fact sheet courtesy of David Suzuki’s Queen of Green

Composting web links: 

Hot Composting web links:

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