Organic Guidelines

Organic Principles

The first 4 Principles behind the Federal Organic Standards (adopted in 2009) apply directly to us at Coquitlam River Community Garden.

  • Protect the environment by minimizing soil erosion and degradation and by avoiding the use of pollutants
  • Maintain soil fertility
  • Maintain biological diversity
  • Recycle materials and resources internally wherever possible
More about Canadian Organic Standards can be found at Canadian Organic Growers.

What soil amendments are allowed at Coquitlam River Community Garden?

  • Sea Soil
  • peat moss
  • your own home-made compost, provided it is pesticide-free
  • dried leaves, leaf mold
  • bagged products from garden centers marked “Omri approved”
What soil amendments are not allowed to be brought into the gardens?
  • topsoil of any kind, bagged or not
  • mushroom manure (it contains toxic chemicals used in the mushroom cultivation processes)
  • any other material not listed above without approval of the executive
Plant only untreated seed
Seeds treated with fungicides may be toxic to birds.  Other seed treatments (neonicotinoids) are highly toxic to honey bees and other beneficial insects.  Gardeners can start seeds indoors where seed treatments are not necessary and moisture can be controlled, or wait for drier conditions.
Do not use Treated Lumber
Treated wood is impregnated with pesticides to prevent rotting.  It is unsuited for use in food gardens and not permitted in the organic standards we follow.
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