Demo Plots

Our 2023 Demo Plots

As you enter the Colony Farm Community Gardens from the main parking lot, there are eleven small plots near the Gazebo that are set aside for ‘demo plots’. These are tended each year by gardeners who plant a variety of demonstration plants, or employ various gardening techniques, different seed and varietal options, and just plain interesting gardening ideas.

Plot #1 – Perennial Plants attracting beneficial insects
In this  plot we have planted Nepeta (Walkers Blue), Lupin, Gaura, Poached Egg Plant, buckwheat, oregano, physilia, and stonecrop (sedum ruperstre)

Plot #2 – Everything Purple

Plot #3 – Perennial Vegetables
Here is a crop of perennial vegetables including Banana, rhubard, swiss chard, walking onions and potatoes.

Plot #4 – Flax

Plot #5 – A Tea Garden
Here we have a variety of herbs and flowers to make tea; mix with regular or green tea. Lemon, lime, orange and sweeteners may be added. Caution for people with alergies.

Plot #6- Crimson Clover
Seeds for this bed were sown on September 6, 2022. plot will be harvested in the fall.

Plot #7 – Gem Squash
This is a favorite South African squash.

Plot #8 – Pickling Pickles

Plot #9 – Peas – No Cost Gardening.
Seeds were planted in used paper cups. The trellis is made entirely from recycled materials.

Plot #10 – Artichokes
Artichokes have more to offer than you might think. Check out

Plot #11 – Various bean varieties and their value in gardens.
“Roughly 6,000 years ago, the invention of pottery in South America
 enabled dried beans to be cooked and quickly they became a staple of
 many traditional cultures.” (Carolyn Herriot in The Zero-mile Diet).
Learn more about beans here

The crops on all our demo plot plantings changes annually. If you’d like to learn more about the gardeners who tend our demo plots, contact

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