About Us

The Community Garden and ƛ̓éxətəm (tla-hut-um) Regional Park

The community garden is located within ƛ̓éxətəm (tla-hut-um) Regional Park, (formerly known as Colony Farm Regional Park)which is administered by Metro Vancouver. We are governed by Metro Vancouver park rules, by the terms of our licensing agreement with Metro Vancouver, and by the Colony Farm Regional Park Land Use Plan which requires organic gardening techniques.


a) to provide gardening opportunities for community groups and individuals
b) to participate in the natural processes of food growing, and thereby improve the local food supply
c) to provide a public demonstration of organic gardening and sustainable land use
d) to work with the Colony Farm Park Association to demonstrate how agricultural, wildlife and passive recreation uses complement each other at Colony Farm Regional Park. (Constitution and Bylaws)

For an aerial view of our gardens, click here.

For a history of Colony Farm, follow this link.

It is all about the garden and the people who grow beautiful organic vegetables and flowers every growing season of each year.

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